You gotta remember all the good stories begin like this...  Just another one of those chance encounters while cruising round the net with no particular place in mind.

It’s then, just when your guard is down, you gotta watch out -- not for nothing obvious like a dead man slumped across the keyboard -- but something a little more subtle, like the lines of long type that catch you unawares, drawing you in like the sniff of soggy, warmed up old newspaper with fish and chips inside.

All along you know you could have dawdled longer on the flashy pages of an advertising agency, with overheads that’d make your eyes go blind, but instead you linger a while and check out the hospitality of this hole of... this hole of you don’t know what. You tell yourself, you’ve bin in a thousand dens like this and they all amount to naught... but you listen to the voice in your head that says, ‘what the hell’ and you saunter on in.



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